Armenian Nazook & Nutmeg Cake

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A half-Croat myself, I was pleased as punch when Jenni at the Gingered Whisk challenged us to make povitica (what my mom calls orahnjača) this past October, since I remember eating this annually growing up, though never baking it myself.

For my hosting challenge, I’m giving a nod to the other half of my heritage: Armenian. We’ll be trying two recipes: nazook (or nazouk, or nazuk) and nutmeg cake. I am far more familiar with the former, and mastering nazook will certainly garner looks of approval from little old Armenian ladies (although they might tell you how their version is different). Armenian nutmeg cake is a twist on traditional coffee cake, although it might bring a nice respite to bakers longing for a break from yeasted dough pastries. You can make either one, or both, if you’re up to the challenge!

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